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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I regret to announce that I have been forced to cancel the remainder of my 2020 tour schedule 

Most if not all of the 2020 tour dates WILL be rescheduled

I'm now booking for 2021 and hope to see all of you at a venue sometime in 2021

​Stay home, stay safe believe in science & love your neighbor

Thank you

Yours in truth

Outlaw Singer-songwriter

WC Edgar 


Buy American!

In times like these if you have elderly or 'shut in' neighbors please keep checking on them and their well being.

When you are able to get to the store make sure you ask them if there's ANYTHING they may need.

Life is more about humanity than monetary or economic wealth

Treat others the way you wish to be treated regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation

WC Edgar

Last Updated 7/8/2020

Outlaw Singer-Songwriter

WC Edgar

​I'm pleased to announce I'm taking time off during the Covid-19 crisis to finally make the move out of Austin to another State where I'll be recording my NEW 'self-penned' album (my 5th) on a new label 
I'll be back in November to begin spreading the word about the 1/1/2021 album release that will include the new single 'Knee On The Neck Of America' plus updated information on the 2021 United States Tour 
I thank each one of you for sticking with me from the beginning of this musical journey
So until we meet again stay safe, stay healthy, wear a damn mask, believe in science, resist the Trumpian regime, protest against racism, police brutality & republican voter suppression and love your fellow human beings regardless of race, sexual orientation, or religion for a better tomorrow.
Keep the faith during these dark days in America
Yours in truth
Outlaw Singer-songwriter
WC Edgar

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