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After a long-overdue and sometimes rude awakening coupled with vast amounts of soul searching, I'll be back later in November with all new social media platforms and all the news on the upcoming 5/1/2021 48-state US Tour and a new self-penned album release (my 5th)

On one hand, our world is a pathetic fucked up mess due directly in part to the present occupant of what is supposed to be the 'people's house', hate, racism, pro-life evangelicals, the electoral college, climate change, police brutality & voter suppression.
There are 229K Americans dead as of 10/29/2020 from the Trump Virus due to our illustrious 'wannabe dictator' 'draft-dodging' 'coward in chiefs' fumbling of HIS virus from the start.

On the other hand, there are still beautiful sunrises and sunsets to enjoy, interesting people of all ethnicities and religions to meet and learn from.
There are great foods to indulge in and a big beautiful world out there to enjoy once this national nightmare is over.
The only way to ensure we can do all of these things and assure hope for a better tomorrow is for each of you to get your asses out there and vote because yes this time around your life and freedoms really do depend on it so do it for your children & grandchildren and everyone you ever cared about.

If the GOP (gang of perverts) continue to disenfranchise the American voter we will most likely see assassinations of conservative judges from the local and state levels all the way to the supreme court which will lead to another great 'civil war' in this country between the haves and the have nots brought on by the GOP trying to sway the balance of power while they tear up our constitution in the process.

If another great 'civil war' is what it takes to get this country back on track so be it.  My great-great grandfather John Edgar and two great -great uncles Thomas & Joseph Edgar fought for this country with the 16th Ohio CO B Volunteer Infantry in the War Of The Great Rebellion (Civil War) to preserve this great republic and will not have died in vain.  Bring it on, lets get this shit settled once and for all and remove any trace of the GOP (gang of perverts) from its place in history.

It's been a long and rocky road for everyone everywhere and I'm ready to hit the road and start kicking some serious outlaw ass in the music biz from sea to shining sea (or what's left of it) after this 'fascist' takeover of our American justice system.

Yeah, I get a little sidetracked and off-center from time to time but hell don't we all?  We're just human beings all trying to survive whatever the god of your choosing decides to throw at us at any given time.
I have my good days and my bad like everyone.  It's usually the nights that are the hardest with all the tossing and turning where at times my mind seems it's trapped in stopped traffic on some busy LA freeway and as hard as I try I can't get out of the 'traffic' that is the everyday reality I face.
Some nights are better than others but often result in the same old same old status quo of fighting off the demons that have plagued me for so many days & nights throughout the majority of both my adolescent and adult life.

Until the day of my unfortunate demise and my being ceases to exist, I'll spend the majority of my time breathing like it was my last breath, being a voice for the voiceless fighting racism and discrimination, coping, writing songs about the common man, life, love, happiness, and sadness through good times and bad, and letting you all know, there's someone out there listening to your plight that believes in you.

So from my heart to yours, thank you my friend for sticking with me through these challenging times for us all, and feel free to drop me a line anytime and let me know how you're coping.

Yours in truth
American Outlaw singer-songwriter

Just For The Record

  • Burn That Bridge3:49