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​Vietnam 1969 by WC Edgar​

From the CD 'Non-Conformist Deluxe'

Fall/Winter 2018

Look for a new self penned CD (the 5th) from WC Edgar

July 28th, 2018

Everyone in the Atlanta area get ready to hear WC on Real Country Q92.3 FM on the 

Juke Joint Show

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August 30th 2018

​The Grand Old Opry ain't so grand anymore
It's no secret the opry has failed true country music fans by allowing 'bad pop acts' and other garbage to infiltrate this 'once great' music institution of 'roots' country music.
Speak out, let's take our music back.
I wrote this song about just this issue.
Support real country music and just say no to Nashville bullshit country.
Yours in truth
American Outlaw singer songwriter
WC Edgar

The Opry Really Sucks Anymore  ​(Click to listen)

An American Outlaw Singer Songwriter

Photo Credit: Pierre Barbaroux

September 14th 2018

​WC is headed to Phoenix Arizona today shopping for a new home. Did we say how much we disliked winter and cold weather?

August 16th 2018

RIP Aretha Franklin

Classy legends like you rarely come around girl.
In a day and age of bad lip syncing and karaoke singers this girl from Memphis showed the world how it was supposed to be done and done right it was.
Rest high on that mountain top Aretha you've gained the world's "R-E-S-P-E-C-T,"
WC Edgar

​WC Edgar

August 2nd 2018

WC is headed to NYC for a week in Greenwich Village

& hanging in the greatest city in the world.

Did we mention pizza?

2018-2019  Tour Dates Coming Soon