Note: This is the only place on the planet WC Edgar CD's are available in 'physical CD format'

We will have a new CD due sometime in the summer of 2018
At that time we will cease digital distribution and concentrate only on physical CD sales keeping everything 'in house' and making our official website the only place outside of the concert venue to purchase WC Edgar music.

This is due in part to the constant bad business between digital distributor's greed and artists all over the world resulting in a low or no payment situation to the artists.

Currently available by money order only SORRY!

Credit card shopping available summer of 2018

We do our best to get it out the day it's received

Send money order to:

WC Edgar CD Sales

PO Box 15

McPherson KS 67460

If you wish to have the CD autographed please print (who to)

For any questions please feel free to contact us at 


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Non-Conformist Deluxe-Out Of Stock

I Lied-Out Of Stock

Old School Survivor-$15 Free Shipping in Lower 48 US States

  • Vegas3:36

Alcohol Of Fame-$15 Free Shipping in Lower 48 US States