I Lied-2016

Great Country Music


Non-Conformist  - 2014

Rowdy Anti Nashville CD

  • Alcohol of Fame3:30


1.Honky Tonk Heartache

2.Rodeo Game

3.From Where I Sit

4.Modern Day Savior

5.Gonna Do Some Drinkin

6.Puppet On A String

7.Man In The Backseat

8.Hicks & Chicks


​10.Old School Survivor

Alcohol Of Fame - 2009

​Hard Core Country Music



1.I'll Take The Fifth

2.Perfect 8 Second Ride

3.Welcome To The Fools Hall Of Fame

4.This Old Harley Davidson & Me

5.We'll See You In Hell

6.I Lied

7.March 15th 1974

8.Southern Pride

9.Smokin Weed & Drinkin Beer

10.I Need Some Vitamin Sea

11.Takin My Country Back

​12.My Old Friend The Whiskey

Old School Survivor - 2011

​Real Country Music


1.You Beat All I've Ever Seen

2.What Would Hank Do

3.Life Of a Cowboy

4.The Opry Really Sucks Anymore


6.Bible Belt


8.Sounds Like Shit To Me

9.Vietnam 1969

​10.Drunk, Loud & High

​11.Big Ass

​12.Old Freightliner


1.Intro from Daryle Singletary

2.Burn That Bridge

3.When You Don't Buy American

4.Mirrors Don't Lie (w/D. Singletary)

5.Alcohol Of Fame

6.Close Up The Honky Tonks

7.Just For A Second

8.Barrels & Bottles

9.Texas Rain

10.You Never Had Forever in Mind


​12.Hell Froze Over Tonight

13.Red White & Black

​14.Barrels & Bottles (Club Mix)