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In times like these if you have elderly or 'shut in' neighbors please keep checking on them and their well being.

When you are able to get to the store make sure you ask them if there's ANYTHING they may need.

In times like these it's more about humanity than money.

Treat others the way you wish to be treated regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation

WC Edgar


As many of you have noticed our 2020 tour dates have taken off big time

We still have a few spots open for your venues up until the end of the year

Please check out the 'Tour' page and see where you might fit in and contact us on the 'Contact' page

Any venue is fine including small beer joints, clubs, casinos, house parties and all the rest at a price sure to fit any budget!.

Please feel free to contact us  for more information on price and availability

Thank You

In truth 

American singer songwriter 

WC Edgar 

Austin TX


Last Updated 3/16/2020


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