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WC Edgar is here to remind us that in Country Music there should always be room
for something like 'Alcohol Of Fame'. As you might expect from the title tune,
Edgar's CD is Hardcore honky-tonk. He's a veteran steel guitarist for artists ranging
from Alan Jackson to Dale Watson, from Tim McGraw to Johnny Lee. Now he is at last
the front man, and he sings with great conviction, plus he wrote every song solo.
As long as there are artists like this still making records, I'm a happy camper.
Robert K. Oermann Music Row Magazine

If he ain't Country, there ain't no such thing.
WC Edgar sings in the tradition of Jones & Paycheck.

He's mastered the sounds and idioms of Country Music in it's rhinestone heyday of traditional Country Music, one that sparkles with fiddles, steel guitars and tales of drinking too much and loving too hard.
Ed Morris Former Editor of Billboard Nashville

WC Edgar is a good ol boy with that rapidly recognizable Texas-size talent
Bill Mack-XM Satellite Radio

The smooth-voiced Edgar's music has a hefty dose of that classic Lefty-era golden glory about it

With a voice reminiscent of Johnny Paycheck and a Waylon Jennings/George Jones vibe, how can you go wrong?

CD Review WC Edgar 'I Lied' 2016 5 Stars

If Dale Watson had made this record it might be his best received ever!

WC Edgar is still the Old School Survivor

Duncan Warwick

Country Music UK Magazine

If You want old school take a listen to WC Edgar.  His CD 'Old School Survivor (2011)

reaches deep into roots country as he displays the influence of Hank Williams & such 

1970's outlaws as David Allan Coe.  And he backs it all up with a superlative voice 

reminiscent of George Jones & Johnny Paycheck.

From The book 'Outlaws Still At Large' 

By Neil Alexander Hamilton

I've known WC Edgar for a long time.  He's a fine singer, songwriter & musician.

Daryle Singletary